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  • Outsourcing Partners - what should you look for?

    Whether you're investigating outsourced pooling for the first time or assessing your current situation, it's important that your pooling supplier (e.g. pallet supplier) understands your business and is agile enough to support you now and in the future.

    CHEP has devised a list of the top 10 questions you should consider when looking to outsource your supply chain logistics:

    Top 10 questions to ask an outsourced pooled equipment partner

    1. Do they have an understanding of the issues I have to deal with everyday?
    2. What is their commitment to quality and continuous improvement?
    3. How competitive are they on price?
    4. What do they really know about equipment pooling in my industry?
    5. How stable a company are they - are they here for the long haul?
    6. How flexible are they to work with?
    7. What support services do they provide?
    8. How can they help me maintain the safety and well being of my employees?
    9. What are they doing to minimise impact on the environment?
    10. What do they do to continually deliver maximum value to my business over the longer term?

    CHEP is the global leader in outsourced equipment pooling with over 50 years experience (initially as a pallet supplier) supporting customers across a diverse range of industries. CHEP can help you cut costs and streamline your supply chain logistics with innovative products, systems and support services.