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  • Sustainability Programs in Australia

    At the heart of CHEP Australia's sustainability approach is a commitment to 'do the right thing' for the:

  • Customer

    Customers are showing a growing interest in understanding and tracking the environmental and social impacts of their supply chain.

    There are a number of initiatives that demonstrate CHEP Australia's commitment to our customers' sustainability practices across the supply chain including:

    "Pooling sustainability value in the supply chain. CHEP shares the sustainability value of its pooling business model to customers' supply chains"

    Beverage: "Reuse - the third R - is overlooked, but important: CHEP reduces supply chain waste with reusable beverage tray".

    Automotive: "Sustainable packaging a vehicle for better business: CHEP helps automotive customer achieve cost savings in supply chain".

    Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG):  "Reusable packaging - smart supply chain solution: delivering functionality with financial and environmental value" (Reusable Plastic Crates (RPCs)

    Raw Materials/Packaging: "Tune your wrapping machine like you tune your car: CHEPStretch customers get the most out of their load containment" (Load Containment and Safety, CHEPStretch)

    Fresh Fruit and Vegetables: "Good packaging design not a waste: Damaged produce is a waste of food and resources"


    CHEP Australia is committed to working towards Zero Harm - zero environmental damage - by reducing its environmental footprint and using its influence to minimise the footprint of its customers and its supply chain.

    This includes:

    • annual reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions;
    • annual improvements in water and waste management;
    • responsible management of lumber resources for CHEP, its suppliers, customers and the wider community;
    • engagement with supply chain participants to ensure their practices are in line with CHEP's environmental principles; and
    • ensuring CHEP meets customers' sustainability expectations.

    Asset Management: "Taking pallet stacking to new heights lowers emissions. CHEP's unique accreditation cuts 'empty miles' in its supply chain"

    Timber recycling: "Waste not want not - CHEP's 'closed loop' timber system: Reduce, repair and reuse: CHEP's responsible use of timber"

    Timber sourcing: "Certified forests standard for CHEP: Australia Forestry Standard certified forests supply timber for CHEP pallet repair and construction"

    Energy Efficiency at Service Centres: "CHEP puts energy into reducing emissions: Energy efficiency program generates results"


    CHEP Australia is committed to engaging with its employees, ensuring that the right systems are in place to support them and making sure they are safe.

    CHEP is committed to achieving Zero Harm - zero environmental damage - and considers the health, safety and environment impacts in all its decisions. Read more about some of the safety practices at CHEP.


    CHEP Australia is committed to making a positive contribution to the communities we operate in and driving sustainability in the global supply chains we serve.


    CHEP Australia adopts Brambles Sustainability Strategy as its Sustainability Strategy.

    CHEP Australia also reports to and participates in local Australian governance requirements and voluntary initiatives such as:

    National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Act 2007. In Australia, the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Act 2007 threshold for 2011 was 50 kilotonnes of C02-e, or 200 terajoules of energy. As part of Brambles, CHEP operations in Australia were required to report their emissions.

    Australian Packaging Covenant. As pooling equipment supplier, CHEP's business model is aligned with covenant design, recycling and product stewardship performance goals. As a distribution packaging supplier rather than a packaging user, CHEP's key contribution to covenant goals is how CHEP equipment can help packaging users achieve their goals under the covenant.

    "CHEP invests in a sustainable future".

  • Australian Packaging Covenant

    CHEP is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant

    CHEP became a voluntary signatory to the National Packaging Covenant in 2001. This Action Plan renews CHEP's commitment to the Australia Packaging Covenant overarching goals of:

    • Goal 1: Packaging optimisation and adoption of the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines
    • Goal 2: Efficient collection and recycling of packaging
    • Goal 3: Demonstrated commitment to product stewardship