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  • Reusable Foldable Plastic Crates (FPCs)

    Foldable Plastic Crate

    Reusable Plastic Crates - Optimum product protection from grower to consumer

    Moving and storing fresh produce through the supply chain is a challenge faced by all primary produce suppliers, food processors, retailers and fresh food companies.

    The logistics of getting produce from the farm to the consumer involves handling, ripening and chilling processes as well as the merchandising of market quality fresh products to enhance the in-store shopping experience.

    CHEP has developed a range of reusable crates, foldable crates and retail ready crates to address these challenges. Designed specifically to reduce the frequency of handling fresh produce and increase supply chain management, CHEP FPCs assist producers and retailers to deliver fresher, longer lasting fruit and vegetables to their customers.

    Foldable Plastic Crates - the benefits for your business

    • Reduce product damage by eliminating bulging, breaking and stack collapsing commonly associated with single-use packaging
    • Extend product shelf life with fully vented design allowing for optimal ventilation
    • Reduce handling costs with crates display ready when they reach point of sale
    • Improve occupational health and safety efficiencies through ergonomic design that is easy to assemble, fold and handle
    • Save warehouse space - the strong, robust design and high load capacity allows for increased stacking height
    • Decrease transport costs with modular design that allows a single pallet to be used for mixed crate sizes
    • Improve load stability, cross or column stacking through interlocking corners
    • Save on labour and transport costs with a uniform collapsed height profile during reverse logistics
    • Hygiene standards are always met as all CHEP crates are washed and sanitised after every cycle

    In Summary

    • Slimline folding profile delivers reduced costs in reverse logistics
    • Fully vented design for better ventilation and optimised shelf life
    • Reduced waste to landfill when compared to cardboard or Styrofoam
    • 100% recyclable - no waste disposal at food retailer
    • CHEP simplifies your logistics process so you can focus on your business