Next generation FMCG Retail Display Pallet

April 13, 2014

Now hiring: CHEP’s next generation FMCG Retail Display Pallet

FMCG Retail Display Pallet 11255

CHEP Australia’s next generation small footprint retail ready display pallet, developed in consultation with manufacturers and retailers for the FMCG retail supply chain, is now in market and delivering a new level of efficiencies and benefits.

The new FMCG Retail Display Pallet represents a step change for the industry and builds on the success of CHEP’s first generation retail display pallet pool.

It has been engineered to fit the majority of manual handling equipment used in Australian FMCG supply chains and its advanced features include the ability to beam rack where other retail display pallets cannot.

Business Development Manager, Frank Vittoria, says. “We put the pallet through rigorous testing to achieve a maximum fork entry width of 735mm on the same footprint. This design achievement means most manufacturers and retailers can integrate the display pallet into their operations without the need for any capital investment.”

During the design phase, the team looked at ways to incorporate the new display pallet into existing racking infrastructure. The result was the development of a “racking cradle” that enables display pallets to be racked and is also compatible with CHEP’s timber pallets giving warehouse managers the convenience and flexibility of racking the new display pallet or timber pallet within the same infrastructure.

Frank Vittoria says, “We conducted tests in accordance with ISO standards to ensure that the FMCG Retail Display Pallet could be beam racked under load at elevated temperatures, and the results were positive.”

The FMCG Retail Display Pallet also boasts anti-slip technology for increased safety. The top deck features additional rubber grommets to minimise load movement, resulting in better load containment, and the fork lift entry points have been fitted with rubber grommets to ensure the display pallet doesn’t slip off fork tines while in transit.

The FMCG Retail Display Pallet offers all of the benefits of its predecessor:

  • Reduced risk of product damage through one-touch movement from manufacturer to retail floor
  • Outstanding display properties and ease of replenishment
  • Compatible with existing transport infrastructure, fitting three pallets across a standard truck tray when loaded ‘landscape’ and four pallets when loaded ‘portrait’
  • Compatible with a range of secondary shelf ready packaging
  • Modular to CHEP’s beverage trays and reusable plastic crates
  • Immune to contamination from bacteria and pests
  • Non-porous surface
  • No nails or splinters
  • Lightweight at only 8.3kg

For more information please contact CHEP customer service on 13 2437 or speak to a CHEP account manager.

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