Lift Lock foldable plastic crate

September 04, 2013

Lift Lock foldable plastic crate first of its kind in New Zealand

Lift Lock foldable plastic crate

CHEP New Zealand today launched the Lift Lock Foldable Plastic Crate, a reusable produce crate (RPC) which significantly improves efficiency and value for fresh produce suppliers in New Zealand.

CHEP’s global reach enabled it to release the innovative crate design developed by sister company IFCO in Europe – the world’s largest provider of RPC’s. The new Lift Lock crate has a patented, easy open/close lift lock mechanism which allows effortless folding and assembling, without the use of excessive force.

CHEP New Zealand’s Director, Domestic and Export, Paul Dennison, said “Before making the decision to introduce the Lift Lock RPC, CHEP underwent extensive market research and product trials to ensure the best technology was made available to the New Zealand market, in order to provide our customers with the best possible value.”

“The Lift Lock crate is the most freight efficient RPC available in the world. It drastically reduces supply chain costs from grower to retailer, and offers freight efficiency gains of up to 80 per cent compared to current RPC’s.”

The Lift Lock Foldable Plastic Crate enables fresh produce suppliers in New Zealand to pack and ship produce in an industry standard crate that streamlines the way their products are delivered and presented throughout the retail sector.

Available in three sizes, the Lift Lock crate was developed in Europe and trialled extensively, to make sure it was the most efficient produce packaging available in the industry.

Director of fresh produce supplier, NZ Hothouse, Simon Watson said: “The scalloped walls of the crate will assist in protecting the quality of our products, and the uniform size of the flat unit will speed up processing of this crate through our plant.”

“We can immediately see a freight saving for our inbound crates, and will clearly require less space for storage.”

Other benefits include faster cooling times, reduced chiller costs and greater longevity – with the new crate constructed from the latest polymer technology.

“The state-of-the-art design provides maximum airflow, extending shelf life of products, and reduces transport costs. The modular design of the crate allows easy and secure column stacking,” Paul Dennison said.

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