ALDI Australia streamlines fresh supply chain

September 02, 2013

August 2013 - ALDI Australia and CHEP streamline fresh supply chain with new generation crate

Aldi streamline fresh supply chain

ALDI Queensland Managing Director, Viktor Jakupec and CHEP Australia and New Zealand President, Phillip Austin today jointly launched CHEP’s new generation reusable plastic crate ‘Gen 3’ for the fresh produce industry at ALDI’s Salisbury store in Brisbane.

ALDI Australia is the first to use CHEP’s Gen 3 crate family, which was developed in consultation with the retailer and industry, and is positioned to become the industry standard fresh produce solution, delivering unprecedented efficiencies along the supply chain, from farm through to the retail store.

“The Gen 3 crate is a one touch solution that will create efficiencies within the ALDI fresh produce supply chain, and in the future will streamline processes and systems for our suppliers given it has the capacity to be a whole-of-industry solution,” Mr. Jakupec said.

“The new crate allows products to be packed directly on farm before being delivered to our warehouses and subsequently to stores, which reduces the amount of repacking and speeds up the process. The crate design allows it to fit directly into our new fresh produce display on the shop floor, which means less product handling and therefore a higher level of product quality. Instead of store staff having to pack products on tables within the produce area, the majority of products will remain displayed within the crates which will assist with better product rotation and minimise damage to the products through less handling.”

With an existing pool of more than four million crates, and a 10-year history supplying HACCP certified reusable plastic crates to the Australian fresh produce supply chain, CHEP is confident this new innovation will deliver ALDI and the industry increased value, efficiency and sustainability.

The new crate features globally best-in-class latching technology and is fully compatible with the previous generation crate and existing infrastructure.

CHEP Australia and New Zealand President, Phillip Austin said “The Gen 3 crate family is a game changer. It’s not only an industry-wide solution, it offers world leading return logistics; with a folded height of 25mm, the Gen 3 outperforms all other crates on the market by up to 29 per cent.”

Both growers and retailers will benefit from the reduced fold down height with up to 29 per cent more crates fitting into a truckload than previous generation crates, meaning fewer trucks will be required to transport an equivalent number of crates when empty.

The Gen 3 crate family also offers sustainability benefits, at least equivalent to that of the previous generation crate. An independent lifecycle analysis of CHEP’s reusable plastic crate system conducted by RMIT in 2010 showed that compared with a single-use corrugated cardboard system, CHEP crates produced 70 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions, used 85 per cent less water and produced 95 per cent less solid waste to landfill even if the cardboard was recycled.



Since opening its first store in 2001, ALDI Australia has successfully established itself as one of the fastest growing retailers in the Australian market, with over 300 stores now operating on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia. In a short period of time, ALDI Australia has influenced grocery prices, introduced shoppers to its exclusive brands and led the market with a number of initiatives never before seen in Australia. ALDI is synonymous with Smarter Shopping – high quality products at exceptional value every day, which can only be achieved by running a highly efficient business.

ALDI Australia has pioneered many initiatives in the industry such as becoming the first Australian grocery retailer to be completely free of artificial food colours across its entire range of food items, the first to introduce unit pricing – providing transparent pricing that allows customers to make informed decisions on the price of their grocery items and the first Australian grocery retailer to list its everyday grocery products and prices online.

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