Automotive Containers with European pallet footprint

August 13, 2013

Large containers with European pallet footprint - CHEP expands container pool


Cologne (Germany), August, 2013 – At this year’s FachPack trade fair in Nuremberg (24-26 September), CHEP Automotive and Industrial Solutions will be highlighting its environmentally friendly, cost-saving, multi-user shared container pooling service from 25th to 27th September 2012. The global leader in container and pallet pooling already has many years of experience in the automotive industry and now strengthens its market position in other industry sectors. Therefore, CHEP’s Automotive and Industrial Solutions division has expanded its existing product portfolio with a new foldable large container (FLC) with the Euro size footprint, which it will launch at the show.

Thus, CHEP is offering a wider choice of containers and is also making the benefits of its container pool available to industrial companies that prefer their supply chain to use containers with European pallet footprint.

“Understanding the needs of our customers is crucial for a global solution provider like CHEP. We have recently seen a growing demand in the European industrial supply chain for an alternative to the mesh box,” says Luca Rossi, Vice President Automotive and Industrial Solutions at CHEP. “The reusable container with European pallet footprint will enable our customers to gain all the benefits of pooling. We are convinced there is strong demand in the European market for this kind of pooling-based solution.”

FLC 1208 (Automobilindustrie - Faltbarer Großvolumenbehälter - 1208)

The foldable and stackable reusable container is based on the size of the European pallet (1200 x 800 mm) used by the majority of established logistics systems – from automated high-rack storage facilities to HGV load surfaces. In contrast to rigid steel mesh boxes, which are prone to damage, the FLC 1208 is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. The new container has a load capacity of 500 kg and is notable for its exceptional stability and the excellent protection it provides to goods. A robust dust cover protects the contents from dirt and grime and does away with the need for additional component packaging. Because the containers can also be used in automated production and storage facilities, they dispense with the need for time and cost-intensive freight loading. The FLC 1208 is also exceptionally user friendly when it comes to handling. Foldable openings on both the short and long sides make for straightforward and ergonomic loading and unloading on the assembly line. Four-way access also makes the container compatible with all standard lifting and conveying equipment.

Compared with the widely used steel mesh box, the FLC 1208 container is also considerably lighter. It can be folded when empty, achieving a space saving of 60 percent in return transportation and storage. Also, it can be stacked three high for transportation, significantly improving truck capacity utilization relative to the industrial size. While a standard 80 cubic-metre trailer offers space for 26 industrial pallets, it can accommodate 33 European pool pallets. When stacked, 66 European-size FLCs can fit into a standard HGV, while the figure for the standard industrial size is just 52. The new reusable container helps lower significantly the number of transportations, thus making a noticeable impact on CO2 emissions.

Pooling benefits

The benefit to CHEP customers of the multi-user shared pool is the elimination of all costs associated with the purchase, transportation, storage, cleaning and maintenance of containers. The specialist service provider takes care of the systematic planning, control and monitoring of container movements, ensuring a smooth flow of goods and materials and reducing logistics costs per unit. The company currently manages more than 300 million containers and coordinates around three million movements per day from 500 service centres in more than 50 countries. Alongside its range of small containers, CHEP Automotive and Industrial Solutions currently also provides its customers with standardized FLCs to VDA specifications with the dimensions of a regular industrial pallet (1200 x 1000 mm).

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