CHEP new Reusable Retail Beverage Tray

March 24, 2013

New reusable beverage tray broadens retail ready solutions

Retail Beverage Tray

The launch of a new beverage tray in February 2013 means that beverage manufacturers and retailers from right across the supply chain can now take advantage of CHEP’s reusable retail ready solutions.

The new-look CHEP Retail Beverage Tray, designed to carry all variants of soft drink bottles - 1.25 litre, 1.5 litre, 2.0 litre and 2.25 litre - opens up a reusable retail ready solution to the whole beverage supply chain for the first time.

The new design complements the existing Multi-Purpose Beverage Tray which has been adopted by two major retailers and carries 1.25L soft drink and 2L juice bottles.

The design innovation from Finland’s K. Hartwall, took seven years to perfect and has been tested in collaboration with stakeholders across the beverage supply chain over the past 12 months.

Like the existing tray, the new CHEP Retail Beverage Tray is modular to the plastic Display Pallet and the standard Australia timber pallet, with the ability to stack two or six columns of product respectively. When used together the trays and Display Pallet become a one-touch solution that can be packed on line by a manufacturer, shipped through the supply chain and wheeled onto the retail floor ready to be shopped immediately.

CHEP Customer Programs Manager, Annette Arzoumanian, says, “The new tray provides an opportunity for a fully integrated supply chain approach to retailing carbonated soft drinks.”

“Because it takes all variants of soft drink bottles from 1.25L, the new CHEP Retail Beverage Tray will enable even more beverage manufacturers to streamline their processes and increase efficiencies, for example, the trays increase the number of units transported by up to 20 per cent per load and therefore reduce total truck movements.”

Retailers also stand to benefit from CHEP’s new product offering.

“Diversifying the beverage tray range to cover all bottle variants provides all retailers the opportunity to help product stand out on the retail floor with this innovative point-of-sale look and improve sales,” Ms Arzoumanian says.

“They can reap the benefit of a retail ready solution without having to handle perforated packaging and manage cardboard waste."

CHEP’s existing Multi-Purpose Beverage Tray has been recognised nationally for its value as a sustainable packaging solution and the new CHEP Retail Beverage Tray offers the same opportunity to manufacturers and retailers to reduce their sustainability footprint, by reducing one-way packaging.

Other benefits offered by both of CHEP’s reusable retail ready solutions are:

  • Efficiency gains in the supply chain through less handling
  • The ability to merchandise two different products side by side on one Display Pallet
  • A reduction of out of stock events
  • Increased brand visibility
  • The potential to improve retail presence and increase category/real estate share
  • Reduction in the use of one-way cardboard packaging

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