CHEP India wins Sustainability Award

December 16, 2012

CHEP India has won the "Excellence in Sustainability Award 2012” at the recent Manufacturing Today Award ceremony in Pune. The award is an excellent recognition of our business operations in India and the value we add to our partners.


The CHEP India team at the award ceremony: DK Rai (Head Automotive Sales), Savio Pimenta (Head IS & Marketing), Devdip Purkayastha (President), Sunu Mathew (Director FMCG Sales) and Shuchi Chatterjee (Head of HR)

Devdip Purkayastha, President CHEP India, struck a chord with the audience in his acceptance speech stating; “I appeal to the manufacturing industry to save our trees. As a leading pallet supplier in India, we must responsibly minimize use of one-way pallets, cardboard packaging and other non-reusable equipment. We owe this behavior to our environment and the society.”

Many of CHEP’s target customers in the automotive sector including M&M, JCB, AMW, Royal Enfield, Bajaj attended the awards. DK Rai, Head of Automotive Sales, CHEP India was delighted at the chance to network with these customers saying; “I’m really happy to be at this event. The award night is a great chance to meet and talk to automotive representatives from our clients and prospects.”

Also present at the event were CHEP India’s Director FMCG Sales, Sunu Mathews, who used the occasion to touch base with attendees from the FMCG and consulting sectors, and Head of HR, CHEP India, Shuchi Chatterjee.