CHEP receives Lean and Green Star in The Netherlands

November 19, 2012

CHEP recently received the Lean and Green Star at the Connekt Congress 'The Next Connektion' in Rijswijk. The company received the award for its contribution to a greener supply chain.

Since 2008, Connekt has been presenting the Lean and Green Award twice a year to companies that are committed to reducing their CO2 emissions by at least 20 percent within a period of five years. Companies that achieve the targeted reduction are awarded the Lean and Green Star. CHEP first won this award in 2010 and is the only pooling company in the Netherlands to do so by reducing its CO2 emissions by more than 36 percent.

Olivier Legendre, Country General Manager of CHEP Benelux, received the award from Annemieke de Leeuw, program manager Lean and Green of Connekt. "Winning this Lean and Green Star underlines the years of CHEP's commitment to sustainability. CHEP's services are already environmentally friendly because our customers reuse pallets, the responsible use and monitoring of natural raw materials such as wood, and CHEP's tight network which minimises transport distances. In addition, due to our position in the supply chain, we also want to inspire other companies to make their supply chain more sustainable", said Legendre.

Annemieke de Leeuw, program manager Lean and Green of Connekt: "We are proud that over 250 companies now take part in the Lean and Green program in The Netherlands. CHEP contributed considerably to this success by motivating their partners to operate in a more sustainable way. CHEP played an important role in our European expansion. They inspired their Italian and Belgian partners to join the Lean and Green program. As a result our network is expanding into these countries. This means new opportunities for Lean and Green shippers and carriers with offices and/or clients in Italy and Belgium."