Top 5 reasons customers choose the Gen 3 foldable reusable plastic crate

April 02, 2014

CHEP Australia launched the Gen 3 reusable plastic crate to the market in August 2013. Here are the top five reasons it’s being adopted in fresh supply chains:

  1. Cut cost, reduces labour. The Gen 3 crate has the lowest fold down profile in the world allowing customers to fit up to 29 per cent more crates per pallet load. This reduces the space you need during reverse logistics delivering significant cost savings. The configuration of the crates is designed to cube out a truck, delivering further improvements in space utilisation. The patented lift-lock latching system allows quick and safe fold-down and assembly.
  2. Improved quality and longer shelf life of produce. Precisely designed venting ensures your produce cools-down faster and is easily maintained at a constant temperature. Smooth crate walls protect the produce, and goods arrive at their destination, having travelled through the supply chain, in the same condition they left your premises.
  3. Reduced risk of damage. The design of the Gen 3 eliminates bulging, breaking and collapsing. And the crates can be cross-stacked or column-stacked to improve stability when moving through the supply chain.
  4. Impervious to moisture. You don’t have to worry about compression if the crates get wet. The Gen 3 crate is not affected by condensation or rain. Produce can even be sprayed and watered in the crate.
  5. A greener choice. An independent lifecycle analysis of CHEP’s reusable plastic crate system shows they produce 70 per cent fewer carbon emissions, use 85 per cent less water and produce 95 per cent less solid waste to landfill compared with a single-use corrugated cardboard system.

Watch the Gen 3 in action to understand why it’s a leading supply chain choice.

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