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Manufacturing Solutions

  • CHEP Manufacturing Solutions

    CHEP Manufacturing Solutions

    CHEP helps manufacturers to improve efficiencies of packaged goods transportation, reduce product damage and improve efficiency

  • Products, services and systems customised for manufacturers

    Pallet services - available in over 50 countries

    • Pallet supply chain cost mapping
    • Provision of quality, fit-for-use pallets
    • Delivery and pickup services

    Container services - available in ANZ, South Africa, North America and Europe

    • Container supply chain cost mapping
    • Container pooling services that provide a range of standardised packaging optimised for: handling, storage and transportation
    • Plant packaging conversion management (in plant and suppliers)
    • Delivery and pickup services

    Products and Systems

    Manufacturing containers

    • Containers for transport of liquid and dry food products (raw and work-in-progress materials)
    • Container accessories including a range of valves, filling arms, heating pads and decanting mechanisms
    • Container consumables e.g. liners, seals, tags and labels

    Manufacturing pallets