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Manufacturing Solutions

  • CHEP Manufacturing Solutions

    CHEP Manufacturing Solutions

    CHEP helps manufacturers to improve efficiencies of packaged goods transportation, reduce product damage and improve efficiency

  • Reducing packaging driven costs in manufacturing

    We've made it our mission to help manufacturers reduce their total packaging driven costs across these six categories:  

    1. Supply chain logistics costs - Maximise truck and container use, reducing empty miles
    2. Packaging costs - Costs of one-way packaging, and associated waste management, as well as minimising loss and damage to goods
    3. Pallet and container availability - Managing logistics and supply/demand imbalances of getting the right product, in the right condition, at the right place at the right time
    4. Capital and costs tied up in non-core activities - Owning and managing pallet or container operations including the cost and hassle of lost containers
    5. Non-core process - Managing container fleet complexity, supplier compliance, cost visibility and viability of containers for reducing container loss
    6. Plant inefficiencies - Inefficiencies created by non-standard packaging, labor costs associated with re-packaging and one-way packaging waste management

    Pallet and container pooling - cost clarity, the right solution and financial benefits

    CHEP provides a complete range of pallet and container solutions, and a service team at the ready to help you reduce your packaging costs.

    We provide:

    Total packaging driven cost clarity

    Initial packaging driven cost analysis

    The right solution for manufacturers of all sizes

    Advice on choosing the right equipment and accessories for your individual supply chain needs.

    • Standardised handling platforms allowing for increased transport, handling and storage efficiencies across the supply chain
    • Platforms and accessories that help reduce preventable costs e.g. collapsible containers to reduce the cost of reverse transport legs, engineered systems to ensure high value product isn't wasted
    • Reduced double handling, administrative issues or empty miles from equipment return, by adopting our pooling system to facilitate the inter-company flow of pallets and containers across an entire supply chain network
    • Reduced physical packaging waste by replacing one-way packaging to minimise C02 costs through improved truck use
    • Ongoing support to reduce total packaging driven costs over time

    Financial benefits of outsourced equipment pooling

    Enjoy greater inbound and outbound logistical efficiency gained from the broad use of CHEP equipment.

    • CAPEX reduction - Via our full outsourcing solution, where CHEP owns and manages the assets
    • Reduced empty miles - Improved truck and container use by transporting empty pallets and containers for re-use
    • Reduced container costs - Reduced tracking, cleaning, routing costs associated with container pool operation
    • Reduced loss and damage - In re-packaging, decanting and waste management activities
    • Better inventory control - Day to day packaging inventory flexibility