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Fresh Food Solutions

  • CHEP Fresh Food Solutions

    CHEP Fresh Food Solutions

    CHEP provides “one touch” and bulk product handling solutions for fresh fruit and vegetables from the farm to the store.


  • Reducing the costs of moving, storing and protecting fresh food

    The total packaging costs driven by moving, storing and protecting your fresh food through each stage of the supply chain can really add up. We've made it our mission to help customers focus on the most common issues, to reduce their total packaging driven costs. These are typically:

    Source from production

    • Handling inefficiencies - Double handling created by non-standard or damaged packaging
    • Transport inefficiencies - Caused by poor load units or truck / pallet / crate use, or issues on inbound loads
    • Storage inefficiencies - Inability to rack or stack equipment high enough, mixed packaging types, footprints or carrying capacities
    • Product quality (inbound) - Damaged packaging or product, spoiled product, hygiene issues
    • Packaging ownership issues - Administrative costs of managing suppliers or manufacturer owned equipment, the cost, hassle, waste and emissions associated with one- way packaging

    Deliver to consumption

    • Transport use - Truck and container issues, as well as load containment and stabilisation
    • Downstream acceptance issues - Retailer and wholesaler reluctance or non-acceptance of pallets
    • Packaging ownership issues - Costs associated with managing manufacturer owned equipment, along with the cost, hassle and waste associated with one-way packaging and associated administrative issues
    • One-Way packaging waste - Handling and waste management issues created at the receiver's end

    Returnable transit packaging - cost clarity, the right solution and financial benefits

    CHEP provides a complete range of pallet and crate solutions, and a service team working with you to help reduce your packaging costs.

    Total packaging driven cost clarity

    Initial packaging driven cost analysis

    The right RPC (returnable plastic crate) solution for growers, producers and retailers

    • Advice on choosing the right equipment for your individual supply chain needs
    • Standardised handling platforms allowing for increased transport, handling and storage efficiencies across the supply chain
    • Platforms and accessories that help reduce preventable costs e.g. collapsible containers and crates to reduce the cost of reverse transport legs, engineered systems to ensure high value product isn't wasted
    • Reduce double handling, administrative issues or empty miles from equipment return, by adopting our pooling system to facilitate the  inter-company flow of pallets and containers across an entire supply chain network
    • Reducing physical packaging waste by replacing one-way packaging to minimise C02 costs through improved truck use
    • Ongoing support to reduce total packaging driven costs over time

    Financial benefits of outsourced plastic crates and containers

    Enjoy greater revenue by reducing product damage, loss or waste through more efficient handling and product protection.

    • Inbound/Outbound efficiencies = Better logistical efficiencies from broad acceptance of our equipment
    • CAPEX reduction - We take care of the ownership of pallet, container and crate assets
    • Reduced empty miles - Improved truck and container use by transporting empty pallets and containers for re-use
    • Reduced pallet and crate costs - Reduced tracking, cleaning, routing costs associated with pallet and crate pool operation
    • Reduced loss and damage - Reduction in one-way packaging waste management activities
  • Pooling for the Fresh Food Industry - the benefits for your business

    Operating a pool of crates and containers around the world, CHEP's range of RPCs (otherwise known as RTP - Returnable Transit Packaging) products and services adds value to all parts of the supply chain in 8 key ways:

  • 1: Equipment Specification - the best equipment for the job:

    • Reducing product damage
    • Optimising pack fill through maximised container capacity
    • Delivering transport cost-savings
    • Improving ventilation of product

    2: Quality Assurance - ensuring your quality and hygienic standards are met:

    • Washing 100% of returned RPCs
    • Ensuring highest quality of hygiene
    • Washing to Industry Safety standards
    • Maintaining traceability
    • A rigorous inspection process

    3: Availability - always there when needed:

    • Guaranteeing delivery (where applicable) within 72 hours of order placement
    • Providing optional collection from CHEP
    • Operating a global network of RPC Service Centres
    • Meeting peak & seasonal demands
    • Offering a 24x7 on-line ordering and monitoring system

    4: Single Solution - supply chain savings & optimisation:

    • Reducing carbon emissions through optimised logistics networks
    • Offering a wide range of containers including RPC, Beverage Trays, & IBCs
    • Reducing transport and reverse logistics costs through load optimisation
    • Providing a single on-line system to manage all your equipment types in one portal

    5: Risk Management - keeping your risks & costs down:

    • Partnering with an established equipment provider with over 60 years of experience
    • Removing financial burden of container purchases
    • Minimising delivery failures or stock-outs due to guaranteed delivery
    • Eliminating contamination risk through strict hygiene processes
    • Minimising asset losses by using CHEP's Asset Management systems and professional support

    6: Focus on Core - allowing you to concentrate on what you are good at:

    • Reducing administrative costs
    • Offering extensive field support to all parts of the supply chain
    • Guaranteeing delivery (where applicable) or collection to minimise risk of 'emergency' situations
    • Offering supply chain experts to analyse & optimise your supply chain

    7: Cost Management - improved cash flow and lowest total cost:

    • Freeing your capital so it is not tied up in container purchasing
    • Removing disposal cost of one-way packaging
    • Reducing labour costs by improving packing speeds
    • Lowering supply chain costs and improving availability of packaging

    8: Environmentally sustainable - reducing your carbon emissions:

    • Offering a 100% recyclable RPC pool
    • Providing an environmental calculator to measure your carbon emission improvements
    • Reducing transport costs & fuel consumption by 20-30% when using CHEP's New Generation Crate (NGC) range
    • Minimising carbon emissions through efficient pool management