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Fresh Food Solutions

  • CHEP Fresh Food Solutions

    CHEP Fresh Food Solutions

    CHEP provides “one touch” and bulk product handling solutions for fresh fruit and vegetables from the farm to the store.


  • Improving operational efficiency in the fresh food industry

    Customers and consumers want to be sure products are sourced from approved growers and farmers. Retailers want longer shelf life, and this often leaves only hours to move your product from production to retail.

    With the overly complex business of fresh food, meeting the rapidly changing supply and demand conditions means finding new ways to reach tight margins and operate with flexibility.

    Whether you are producing, processing or retailing fruit, vegetables, meat or poultry, meeting peak performance in the industry requires faster reaction times, and a continual focus on operational efficiency; where cost control, yield management and tracking are all critical to your success.

    We support growers, processers and retailers in creating greater operational efficiencies, moving fresh product from farm to store, or meat processors to move bulk meat.

    With our global experience of fresh food supply chains, we often see companies make packaging decisions at the point of production, without considering the impacts on product quality, temperature control, transport or handling efficiency down the supply chain.

    We help customers find packaging solutions for their entire supply chain, to help them reduce their packaging-driven costs. We do this via our cost mapping processes which allows customers to evaluate their packaging solutions more effectively, so they can consider if their current solution is right for them and their future strategy.

    Our capabilities in fresh food packaging solutions

    • We provide a range of quality pallet, container and crate solutions for the safe movement of fresh food through the supply chain
    • We're a global leader with over 300 million pallets, containers and crates in our customer supply chains every day
    • Integrated national service centre networks, for both large and small distribution networks

    Reusable bulk food containers - benefits to your business

    • We have strong retail relationships with broad industry acceptance of our products up and downstream
    • A long history of experience in the fresh food industry globally
    • A division of Brambles, a global logistics leader with a market cap of over $US10 billion, operations in over 50 countries and customers including Coca-Cola, P&G, Tesco, Sainsbury, Ford, GM, Qantas and Unilever

    Our people

    We're proactive, engaged, and at your service 24x7, 365 days a year.

    • Experienced staff with an in-depth understanding of supply chain logistics and fresh food handling experience
    • First-class reaction time to problem solving
    • Ongoing cost management focused on reducing total packaging costs of pallet, container and crates, equipment control and administration assistance