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Consumer Goods Solutions

  • CHEP Consumer Goods Solutions

    CHEP Consumer Goods Solutions

    CHEP offers Consumer Goods customers a range of specialty products and services to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

  • Outsourced equipment management - cost clarity, the right solution and financial benefits

    CHEP provides a complete range of pallet and container solutions, and a service team working with you to help reduce your packaging costs.

    Total cost clarity for the consumer goods industry

    Initial packaging driven cost analysis

    The right solution for managing non core operations

    Advice on choosing the right equipment for your individual supply chain needs.

    • Standardised handling platforms allowing for increased transport, handling and storage efficiencies across the supply chain
    • Platforms and accessories that help reduce preventable costs e.g. collapsible containers and crates to reduce the cost of reverse transport legs, engineered systems to ensure high value product isn't wasted
    • Reduce double handling, administrative issues or empty miles from equipment return, by adopting our pooling system to facilitate the inter-company flow of pallets and containers across an entire supply chain network
    • Reduced physical packaging waste by replacing one-way packaging to minimise C02 costs through improved truck use
    • Ongoing support to reduce total packaging driven costs over time

    Financial benefits of outsourced pallet and container management

    Enjoy greater inbound and outbound logistical efficiency gained from the broad use of CHEP equipment.

    • CAPEX reduction - Where CHEP takes care of owning the assets
    • Reduced empty miles - Improved truck and container use by transporting empty pallets and containers for re-use
    • Reduced container costs - Reduced tracking, cleaning, routing costs associated with container pool operation
    • Reduced loss and damage - In re-packaging, decanting and waste management activities

    Reducing the costs of protecting consumer goods in the supply chain

    The total packaging costs driven by moving, storing and protecting your materials through each stage of the supply chain can really add up. We've made it our mission to help customers focus on reducing their total packaging driven costs. These are typically:


    • Transport inefficiencies - Caused by poor load units or truck / container use, or issues on inbound loads
    • Handling inefficiencies - Double handling created by non-standard or damaged packaging
    • Storage inefficiencies - Inability to rack or stack equipment high enough, mixed packaging types, footprints or carrying capacities
    • Product quality (inbound) - Damaged packaging or product, spoiled product, hygiene issues
    • Packaging ownership issues - Administrative costs of managing suppliers or manufacturer owned equipment, the cost, hassle, waste and emissions associated with one- way packaging


    • Storage inefficiencies - Stacking/storing drums and fixed wall containers, and space restrictions on owned equipment at production facilities
    • Handling inefficiencies - Issues of waste, cost and safety with decanting and emptying containers. And the costs associated with disposal of one way packaging such as drums and fibre board packaging
    • Product quality issues - Contamination, hygiene and batch size issues. Non-standard packaging issues within processing and production facilities
    • Ownership - Where capital is tied up in non-core container assets, highlighted in non-peak periods when they sit unused


    • Transport use - Truck and container issues, as well as load containment and stabilisation
    • Downstream acceptance issues - Retailer and wholesaler reluctance or non-acceptance of pallets
    • Packaging ownership issues - Administrative costs of managing suppliers or manufacturer owned equipment, the cost, hassle, waste and emissions associated with one- way packaging
    • One-Way packaging waste - Handling and waste management issues created at the receiver's end