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Automotive Solutions

  • CHEP Automotive Solutions

    CHEP Automotive Solutions

    CHEP provides tailored solutions for the Automotive industry designed to improve supply chain efficiency

  • Reducing automotive container driven operational costs

    Ensuring container availability and flexibility across an automotive logistics network, can often lead to hidden - and significant unplanned costs. Our experience with our automotive customers in this industry has driven costs to fall in these areas:

    Automotive supply chain logistics

    By improving the full use of trucks and containers, customers can maximise their truck and container use - with no empty miles.

    Automotive packaging solutions for Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs

    Smarter use of packaging to alleviate loss of containers, damage to parts, and more efficient waste management practices.

    Improving plant efficiencies for the automotive industry

    By increasing efficiencies around non-standard packaging, labor costs with sorting and re-packaging, and one-way packaging waste management, customers can save time and money.

    Reducing the complexity of maintaining an automotive container fleet

    We've made it our mission to support the automotive industry in OEM and Tier Suppliers, by reducing total packaging driven costs. We do this by providing total clarity in areas of:

    • Costs of managing container imbalance - Greater visibility of container supply and demand. Getting containers, to the right place at the right time, in the right condition
    • Damage - Cost and management of missing or damaged containers
    • Opportunity cost - Managing container pool operations more effectively to alleviate costs tied up in these non-core activities
    • Managing change - Moving forward in innovation, ensuring the smartest way forward for containers and logistics

    Automotive container pooling - providing cost clarity, the right solution and financial benefits

    By outsourcing to CHEP Automotive Solutions, you get a complete container management service designed to provide absolute clarity in cost of ownership. We work closely with our automotive customers to deliver:

    Total cost of container ownership

    • Reviewing the total cost of ownership through audit and analysis - and weighing up the alternatives

    Network specific solutions designed for the automotive industry

    • Providing the right kind of automotive container in the right condition at the right time

    Financial benefits of outsourced container management

    • CAPEX reduction and improved budgeting and cost certainty
    • Reduced cost of logistics via improved use of trucks and containers
    • Reduced tracking, cleaning, routing costs associated with container pool operation
    • Labour cost reduction in re-packaging/decanting and waste management activities
    • Reduced damage or quality issues