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  • Improving Non-Hazardous Liquid Chemical Supply Chains

    Non Hazardous Liquid Chemicals

    With a variety of options available for transporting and storing non-hazardous liquid chemicals choosing the right option can be challenging. Ensuring your products are handled safely throughout the supply chain, while keeping costs down is key to your business’ success.

    CHEP has a wealth of experience servicing non-hazardous chemical manufacturers globally and addressing the supply chain challenges related to this industry. Through the rental of our reusable, stackable, collapsible containers, CHEP can help you cut cost, eliminate waste and mitigate risk™.

    Capabilities and Reusable Packaging Solutions

    • We have a comprehensive suite of container solutions available to best serve your needs
    • Our extensive global service center network helps to minimize your transportation costs
    • Outsourcing your non-hazardous liquid chemical container needs to CHEP allows you to focus on your core business while we handle:
      • Asset Availability
      • Container Cleaning
      • Container Repair
      • Offsite Storage
    • As a result of the collapsibility and stackability of our containers, you will notice reduced transportation and storage costs
    • Individual liners are used for each trip, eliminating product cross-contamination concerns
    • With CHEP owning the assets, there is no capital investment necessary

    Our People

    We're proactive, engaged, and at your service.

    • Experienced staff with an in-depth understanding of the non-hazardous chemical market
    • Proven success in supply chain optimization
    • Dedicated customer service representatives
    • Ongoing support of supply chain solutions as needed
    • Operations in over 50 countries globally