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  • Liquid Containers - Bulk Liquid Storage Containers

    Liquid container

    Reusable Semi-bulk liquid containers for domestic and international supply chain use

    CHEP offers several types of liquid containers for movement and storage of viscous liquid semi-bulk food products:

    • Food Grade liquid containers that are designed specifically for food industry applications and are used to transport and store semi-bulk liquid food items such as
      • Dairy (includes milk blends, butter, cream, ice cream variegates, yogurt ingredients)
      • Flavor house juice bases (includes flavorings, concentrates)
      • Sauces, condiments, dressings, ingredients
      • Cheese
      • Meat
      • Liquid egg
      • Dry foods
      • Dry non-foods
      • Non-hazardous chemicals
    • General use containers are available for transporting and storing liquid products for industries including non-hazardous chemical and pharmaceutical.

    Liquid Containers - the benefits for your business

    • Superior product protection throughout supply chain
    • FDA and Food Contact approved
    • Ensure low residual on every discharge with a convenient bottom discharge outlet with an internal sump
    • Reduce storage space and costs as a result of the cube shape and stackable design - CHEP IBCs provide 20% more loading utilisation compared to drums
    • Excellent container stackability for reduced warehouse space usage and reduced transportation costs
    • Realise lower handling costs due to container's large volume capacity (1000+ litre capacity)
    • Achieve greater handling efficiencies with standard 2-way or 4-way forklift access
    • Improve occupational health and safety compliance with one person operation to assemble, fill and collapse at end of cycle
    • Maximise space, reduce handling and transport costs - CHEP containers can be used with standard ISO shipping containers
    • Minimise product loss and improve efficiencies in filling and discharge times with discharge sump positioned below the internal base
    • Ensure safe hygenic delivery of product with tamper-evident features
    • Reduce costs and environmental impact with a cost effective and environmentally sound alternative to one-way drum and fibreboard containers

    When you rent liquid containers you simply use them and return them – it’s that easy.

    You don’t have to worry about any cleaning or repairs and you don’t have to store them longer than you need them.

    Convenient liquid container rental options include:

    • Pay-Per-Use Trip Liquid Container rental
    • Short or Long-Term Liquid Container rental

    In Summary

    • Available in food-grade polypropylene
    • Protects products from contamination during transport and storage
    • ISO compatible for convenient domestic or international shipping
    • Reduces waste, minimises transport & storage costs and improves supply chain efficiency
    • CHEP simplifies your logistics process so you can focus on your business