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  • Dry Materials Containers - Bulk Shipping Containers


    Reduce your transportation and storage costs in domestic and international supply chains with Bulk Dry Containers

    • A range of Bulk Dry Shipping Containers are available for the storage, distribution and handling of raw materials, ingredients and work in progress products.
    • Bulk Dry Container rental and usage options - used by Food & Beverage Manufacturers, General Manufacturers and a range of Industrial Applications.
    • Full range of Container Management options available including:
      • Vented bulk bins with Self-locking sides for one person quick assembly and fold down
      • Non-vented bulk bins - Ideal for automotive, white goods and general manufacturing products as the non-vented panels are impervious to moisture and simple to clean
      • Magnum bins - ideal for the secure transportation of all types of products, from powdered, granulated or flaked products to plastic components or meat.

    The Bulk Dry Goods cubic containers enable the safe and efficient transport of non-liquid products that eliminates the need for outer cartons or stretch wrapping and other load containment.

    The containers interstack and can assist you by making full use of your transport space without risk of product damage.

    Food-grade semi-bulk storage containers are used to house and transport dry food products such as meat, cereal, frozen vegetables, powders and pharmaceutical raw materials. They can also be used to for general goods, including fragile articles, semi-bulk clothing, resin, promotional and odd-sized products.

    Dry Goods Semi-bulk Containers - the benefits for your business

    • Decrease storage and transport costs through safe and simple collapsible and stackable cubic design
    • Achieve greater handling efficiencies with standard 4-way forklift access to the combined pallet/container
    • Better protect your products with cleaner parts and facilities
    • No corrugated bailing and disposal – Environmentally friendly solution
    • Improve occupational health and safety compliance with one person operation to assemble, fill and collapse at end of cycle
    • Maximise space, reduce handling and transport costs - CHEP has a range of containers that are compatible with ISO shipping containers
    • Lower handling costs due to container’s large carrying capacity (1000 kg) – much greater than cardboard
    • Track and trace options available via our Online Portal

    In Summary

    • CHEP supplies a full packaging solution including food-grade polypropylene liners
    • Manufactured to withstand strenuous transporting conditions
    • ISO compatible units available for convenient multi-national shipping
    • Reduces waste, minimises transport & storage costs and improves supply chain efficiency
    • CHEP simplifies your logistics process so you can focus on your business