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  • Container Management Services

    Full-service container management services include:

    • Container repair and container cleaning
    • Sustainability analyses to help you identify ways to reduce waste and increase efficiency and plastics recycling
    • Container cleaning and container repair to companies with privately owned container fleets
    • Use of container tracking software
    • Pay-per-use container hire automatically includes our container management services

    Container Repair and Shipping Container Management Services

    Reduce capital required to purchase new containers - Extends life of your containers

    • Pay only for damage assessment and repaired containers
    • All scrapped material is recycled, further greening your supply chain
    • Polyethylene or polypropylene container repair capabilities
    • Experts repair a variety of container damages including (but not limited to)
      • Forklift stabs
      • Damaged container sidewalls
      • Damaged tilt straps / runners

    Container Cleaning – Shipping Container Cleaning Services

    Ensure that your plastic shipping containers meet the highest quality standards

    • Ensure hygiene to meet industry standards
    • Every shipping container is cleaned using eco-friendly and effective chemicals
    • Robust multi-stage cleaning/drying process to handle all types of non-hazardous residues
    • Thorough hands-on inspection of each container upon completion, to ensure 100% compliance
    • Sanitization and post-cleaning shrouds available

    Sustainability Analysis for your facility to evaluate:

    • Excess and obsolescence requirements
    • How to green your supply chain
    • How to reduce waste
    • How to increase efficiency