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Do we need a common system for returnable container management?

August 12, 2014

Automotive car manufacturers and Tier One Supplier’s are facing significant challenges in keeping track of their returnable packaging. Every participant within the supply chain has a high investment, regardless of which party actually owns the containers. Most of the costs are part of the part “piece price” and it is not typically seen as a potential for significant cost savings, but it is a regular discussion point for supply chain optimization experts.


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CHEP Launches New Generation Quarter Pallet In Germany

August 05, 2014

Cologne, Germany July 15th  – CHEP, the world’s leading provider of pallet and container pooling solutions today introduced a new generation plastic quarter pallet that will be available to more than 1.400 customers in Germany beginning in July 2014. This new product is CHEP’s answer to the marketplace demand for sustainable cost advantage and efficiency improvements, as well as waste reduction. » Read more

Growth strong but slowing

August 05, 2014

The 14th AFGC CHEP Retail Index released today shows year-on-year growth in retail sales remains strong despite easing moderately in the June quarter. » Read more

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