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  • CHEP Innovation Centre

    The CHEP Innovation Centre is a state-of-the-art packaging and unit load configuration testing and validation facility that uses leading edge design, process and tools to address supply chain issues faced by our customers.

    The Innovation Centre provides a platform for customers wanting to evaluate the performance of their products, material handling equipment and packaging within the supply chain. CHEP tests pallet and container loads of products; and can simulate the conditions these products experience including, extreme heat and cold, humidity, compression, vibration, and impact. 

    CHEP also carries out internal testing to develop and validate new product offerings and improvements to the existing equipment pool. The CHEP Innovation Centre exemplifies "continuous improvement" in action.

  • Environmental Conditioning

    CHEP can simulate the in-market environmental effects and product performance on pallets and containers through the use of twin 400 sq. ft. environmental chambers. The programmable chambers can operate from -30°C to 85°C (-23°F to 185°F) with a relative humidity range of 20 to 98%.

    Vibration Testing

    CHEP can test unit load stability, product damage potential and equipment durability with the CHEP Vibration Tester System. The tester simulates unit load vibration from all transportation modes including truck, rail, air and sea shipments. Actual customised shipment conditions can be replicated through the use of our field data recorder.

    Compression Testing

    CHEP can test the structural integrity of pallets, containers and full unit loads of product through the use of the CHEP Compression System. This test exerts up to 22,637 kilonewtons (50,000 lbs.) of compressive force on material handling products in both racking and stacking configurations.

    Inclined Impact Testing

    CHEP can simulate the effect of impact on pallets, large containers, our customers' products and unit loads of up to 1,810kg (4,000 lbs.) with the CHEP Inclined Impact Test. The Inclined Impact Test simulates impact against a flat surface, as well as against unique geometries such as forklift tines at speeds of up to 8 km/h (5 mph).

    Drop Impact Testing

    CHEP can simulate the effect of impact on pallets, containers and customers' products with the Drop Impact Test. This test performs accurate and repeatable drop tests from heights up to 4 meters (13 feet) to evaluate product damage and equipment durability.

    Retail Validation Area

    The simulated "Fresh Market" environment validates the performance of "one-touch" pooled product solutions in real-world merchandising environments. The area allows retailers to evaluate RPCs, as well as display racks in a simulated retail setting.

    Distribution Validation Area

    The Distribution Validation Area validates the performance of CHEP products in the distribution environment through the use of multiple racking configurations.