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  • Environment & Sustainability - The Customer

    All things begin with the customer

    Customers are showing a growing interest in understanding and tracking the environmental and social impacts of their supply chain.

    As a result CHEP:

    • Works closely with customers looking to improve the sustainability of their supply chains and develop innovative service offerings that meet their needs
    • Engages with relevant industry forums and customer advisory panels to learn and contribute towards sustainability improvements in supply chains
    • Commits to measure and continually improve the environmental benefits of CHEP's product and service offerings to customers.

    There are a number of initiatives around the world that demonstrate our commitment to our customers' sustainability practices including:

  • Value solutions teams in the USA and across Europe

    CHEP USA and CHEP EMEA have also created value solutions teams. The teams present industry best practices and processes on issues that matter most to a customer and then work in partnership with the customer to develop solutions based on Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, that deliver lower financial and environmental costs across the supply chain.

    CHEP Innovation Centre in Orlando, Florida, for product to supply chain testing

    CHEP's Innovation Centre in Orlando, Florida, is a world-class product testing and engineering facility. From packaging and unit load design to simulated supply chain testing, CHEP collaborates with customers around the globe, conducts packaging tests for customers and tests new products and technologies at the Innovation Centre. CHEP's engineers and other supply chain solutions specialists are available to help customers improve the performance of their packaging and palletised unit loads to minimise product damage, helping to drive innovation and savings for the customer.

    The world’s first pallet lifecycle testing facility

    In February 2011, CHEP launched the world’s first testing facility to simulate the pallet life cycle. What used to take over a year with field trials can now be achieved with much more reliable data in just four to eight weeks. This test track facility will allow CHEP to test innovations quickly and bring new platforms to the market faster and at lower cost.