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  • Environment & Sustainability - The Community

    Making a positive contribution to the communities we operate in

    CHEP is committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which it operates.

    One of CHEP's shared values is to always act with integrity and respect for the community and the environment. CHEP's business units are part of the communities in which they operate. The business units recognise their responsibility in making a positive contribution to these communities in the areas of environment sustainability and education.

    CHEP provides financial and other forms of support to a broad range of charitable and community organisations around the world.

    This support is provided in four ways:

    • Contributions by CHEP businesses to a range of local and national charities
    • Personal contributions by CHEP employees around the world to a range of fundraising events and activities
    • A volunteering policy that provides CHEP employees with three days of paid volunteer leave per year
    • Monetary donations provided by CHEP business units to support employee volunteer efforts.

    There are a number of initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to the community including:

  • CHEP Australia donating pallets to Foodbank

    CHEP Australia provided pallets to Foodbank Australia, for use in the distribution of food and grocery industry donations to people affected by the devastating floods in south-east Queensland, Australia in 2011.

    CHEP New Zealand helping in the Christchurch earthquake

    CHEP New Zealand provided pallets and intermediate bulk containers to the 2011 Christchurch earthquake relief efforts.

    CHEP Latin America donating furniture and equipment to charities

    In Latin America, CHEP donates used office furniture and equipment, computers and printers to various charities.