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  • Online access to manage your CHEP account 

    Portfolio+Plus is CHEP's online customer portal accessible from the CHEP website. It has been designed to streamline and simplify administrative activities, improve productivity and save time.

    Portfolio+Plus gives customers access to all the tools and information needed to efficiently manage their CHEP account - 24x7:

  • Place, modify and track CHEP equipment orders

    • Place equipment orders and collections 24x7
    • Monitor order status with the option to export
    • Modify or cancel orders
    • Request and view collections of CHEP equipment
    • Arrange an equipment pick up
    • Quick access to view all collection requests by location
    • Enter and correct transactions
    • View transactions online, make changes, add Proof of Delivery and comments
    • View and monitor request status via a dashboard.

    Monitor balances and analyse CHEP activity

    • Real time transaction reports
    • Record when products leave a location
    • Upload transactions from a Warehouse Management System
    • Generate activity reports by location, product or date range.

    View invoices and reconcile transactions

    • View, check, print invoices.

    Enter Stock Counts and create interim and annual Inventory Audits

    • Facilitate online stock counts
    • Use stored counts + online reconciliation for interim or annual audits.

    Raise and track requests for information and help

    • Direct access to CHEP, 24x7, via online Service Requests.

    Portfolio+Plus – the benefits of your business

    • Real time access to your CHEP account for convenience
    • Portfolio+Plus is simple to use and navigate with an intuitive interface
    • The system is flexible and allows for multiple updates from individual users in real time.