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Coca-Cola Enterprises Names CHEP CRS Supplier Of The Year For Cutting CO2, Improving Sustainability

Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd. (CCE), the strategic bottling partner for Coca-Cola in Western Europe, believes that collaboration and innovation throughout its supply chain are essential to advancing its sustainable growth. The company strives to inspire and drive sustainable change with its suppliers as well as in its own organization. CCE has embedded sustainability into its procurement processes and supplier relationships and has developed additional programs to support strategic opportunities for collaboration.

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Enactus Announces Global Food Loss and Waste Competition

One third of the food produced in the world for human consumption is lost or wasted every year. Reducing that food loss and waste is seen as a critical global challenge in the fight to reduce hunger, protect the environment and grow economic opportunity by NGOs such as the World Bank, UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and business groups.

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Iceland Foods Extends Pallet Contract with CHEP, Intends To Collaborate For Supply Chain Efficiencies

Long-time CHEP client Iceland Foods Ltd., a British supermarket chain and the UK’s frozen food leader, operates 850 stores in the UK, while expanding sales in international markets. Iceland is developing new store formats. Products include frozen prepared meals and vegetables as well as non-frozen grocery items such as produce, meat, dairy, and dry goods.

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United Nations Refugee Aid Group Partners With CHEP To Study And Improve Its Global Supply Chain Network

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) operates in 123 countries with a staff of more than 9,300, providing protection and assistance to more than 46 million refugees, returnees, internally displaced and stateless people. The efficiency of its global supply chain is often literally a matter of life and death to the refugees and families the organization serves.

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Major UK Construction Industry Supplier Chooses CHEP Pallet Pooling to Help Modernize The Supply Chain

One of the largest suppliers to the UK building and construction business, Travis Perkins plc, had been using high-cost, single-use white wood pallets, which ultimately end up in landfills as wood waste. The company wanted to modernize the supply chain in this industry by standardizing on superior-quality pallets that can be reused rather than end up as waste.

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Swedish Grocery Chains Pick CHEP Pallets Over White Exchange System For Lower Costs, Higher Efficiency

Leading Swedish grocery chains Coop, Dagag and ICA represent a large segment of Sweden’s grocery store operations. The traditional white exchange pallet system has produced challenges for the grocers and for their suppliers due to the inconsistent quality of white wood pallets, which pose handling risks and can result in product damage. Plus, the cost to buy white pallets had been steadily rising.

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Chinese Delegation Tours European Facilities In Effort To Boost China's Supply Chain Efficiency

Representatives of the People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Commerce toured the European facilities of leading retailers, manufacturers and service providers to observe Western ways of supply chain development and efficiencies. The Ministry says it values the strong collaboration and business relationships between China and Europe and feels it could learn much that could be useful back home.

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European Agrifood leader Lactogal Relies On CHEP For More Sustainable, Cost-Effective Supply Chain

Lactogal is a Portugal-based European leader in the agrifood sector, specializing in dairy products, waters and juices. Milk, yogurt, cheese, butter cream and other food products are distributed throughout markets in Iberia and the rest of Europe from production facilities in Portugal and Spain. Lactogal, already a CHEP customer, has signed a 5-year contract renewal for managed pooled pallets.

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CHEP Cost Model Quantifies Benefits of Collaborating with Customers to Produce Supply Chain Solutions

CHEP was in a perfect position to play an innovative and active role in the logistic services market, owing to its interactions will all the key actors in the Supply Chain. A project was launched to develop a Cost Model to quantify and demonstrate the benefits of collaborative supply chain solutions and have it validated by customers.

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CHEP Reliability, Service Excellence, Quality is Rewarded In New Agrolimen Contract That Doubles Pallet Volume

Agrolimen, a Spanish multinational holding company which owns companies in the food, consumer goods, hygiene, restaurants and other sectors, demands service excellence and reliability from its vendors. CHEP has been supplying pallets to a number of Agrolimen businesses for years. The customer has also been sourcing pallets from other pallet poolers as well as white pallet exchange operators.

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