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  • Reusable Plastic Crates and Containers (RPCs)

    Containers and Crates

    Transporting and storing fresh produce and beverages safely

    Reusable Plastic Crates (RPCs) are fundamental for transporting, distributing and storing fruit and vegetables from producers to consumers in the fresh food industry.

    Plastic crates are reusable and do not require treatment for pests. The benefits of reusable crates include hygiene, constant quality and dimension, no splintering or nails, and no water absorption.

    RPCs are weather resistant and stack for excellent space utilisation and can be easily repaired or replaced.

    Different sizes of RPCs address the packaging and transportation requirements of various types of fruit and vegetables in the goods and produce cycle.

    CHEP provides a full range of crate and container pooling services including:

    RPC customers in Europe and the America's, are supported by our sister company IFCO Systems. IFCO operates a pool of more than 225 million RPCs primarily to transport fruit and vegetables from producers to grocery retailers.

    Reusable Plastic Crates - the benefits for your business

    • Reduce stocking time by 69% with a display ready design
    • Achieve stable unit loads through the interlocking design, foldable designs are cross-stackable for load stabilisation over long distances
    • Reduce storage space and transport costs by folding the container when not in use
    • Reduce fruit and vegetable damage with smooth interior walls
    • Extend product shelf life with optimised vent placement to facilitate cooling
    • Assured container cleanliness for food contact through CHEP certified wash and service centres
    • Track products with a unique barcodes for each RPC
    • Reduce generated waste material as CHEP RPCs are made of fully recyclable material and designed for years of re-use

    In Summary

    • Suppliers, retailers and their customers benefit from using reusable plastic containers integrated with CHEP logistics solutions
    • Reusable Plastic Crates help conserve the environment
    • Assured cleanliness and prevention of cross contamination through accredited wash processes
    • CHEP simplifies your logistics process so you can focus on your business