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  • Reusable Beverage Trays

    Reusable Beverage Tray

    Plastic Beverage Trays - a lightweight, display ready platform for beverage containers

    The multi-purpose CHEP Beverage Tray enables a one-touch movement from production line to retail display. The unique design of the tray ensures load stability with bottles secured at both the base and closure points.

    The trays can be used in fully automated packing systems, are lightweight, stable and protect drink bottles in transit.

    Reusable Beverage Trays - the benefits for your business

    • Decrease labour costs associated with hand stacking shelves with a one-touch merchandising system
    • Lower risk of product damage through reduced handling of goods
    • Improve transport and storage efficiency with low profile stacking when empty
    • Reduce occupational health and safety risk and improve handling as trays are lightweight at just over 1kg
    • Increase transport yield with 5 layer stacking configuration
    • Reduce costs and environmental impact by eliminating the need for one way cardboard packaging

    In Summary

    • Reduced labour costs and risk of product damage
    • Reduced waste to landfill when compared to one way packaging
    • Fully recyclable and made from food grade 100% Polypropylene virgin plastic
    • Consistent specification to allow for automated packaging
    • CHEP simplifies your logistics process so you can focus on your business