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Wooden Pallet - 1000 x 600 mm

Wooden Pallet - 1000 x 600 mm

The 1000 x 600 mm wooden CHEP pallet is ideal for smaller unit loads and can be safely used for most applications in the distribution and transport chain in Europe.

The pallet's dimensions make it ideal for in-store pallet display, improving product presentation.

Wooden Pallet - 1000 x 600 mmWooden Pallet - 1000 x 600 mmWooden Pallet - 1000 x 600 mm
  • Reduce product damage and increase load stability as the parallel skids & increase the pallet’s strength and impact resistance
  • Increase operational productivity through consistent specification – pallet is suitable for automated production and warehousing facilities
  • Enhance efficiencies during storage and transport with consistent 4-way entry design ensuring compatibility with all standard equipment
  • Save staff time and reduce health and safety risks with reduced need to unload and handle lower turnover stock
Dimensions - in millimetres- in inches
Length Width Height
  1000 600 162
Length Width Height
  39.4 23.6 6.4
Window / Pallet entry - in millimetres- in inches
Width Height
1000 mm side 328 145
600 mm side 280 95
Width Height
39.4 in side 12.9 5.7
23.6 in side 11 3.7
Nominal Capacity and Weight
Tare weight 16  kgs
Tare weight 35.3  lbs
Configuration and Stacking

CHEP recommends a maximum of 600 kg as a safe working load and not to exceed 2400 kg when stacking loaded pallets on a solid surface.

Recommendations to optimise the use of wooden pallets are:

  • Optimise the use of the surface of the pallet
  • Lift using the lifting windows
  • Store in the disposal cells by resting on the pallet outside the dice



Wood: quality timber from a controlled selection of different wood types

Paint: water based and complies with the relevant European legislation

Nails: either standard or stiff stock wire and complies with the European legislation on heavy metal content

  • Maximise the use of the pallet surface
  • Minimise lifting from the undersides of the skids
  • Do not rack the pallet
Performance and Standards The design of the lower floor gives the range a greater robustness and better impact resistance. The range has three parallel runners and four access points bevelled edges.
Recommended Use / Applications Widely used in the beverage industry