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Plastic Display Pallet - 600 x 400 mm

00016 Quarter Pallet Blue 600x400The easy to handle 600 x 400 mm plastic display pallet has 4-way entry and is ideal for high-speed automated systems, with its consistent dimensions and weight. This pallet offers a nestable design which can save up to 50% space in transport and warehousing.
Plastic Display Pallet - 600 x 400 mmPlastic Display Pallet - 600 x 400 mmPlastic Display Pallet - 600 x 400 mmPlastic Display Pallet - 600 x 400 mm
  • Protect goods from damage and contamination - all pallets are constructed from Contamination-free Materials (DIN 10503 and EHEDG), are hygienic and will not absorb moisture so are a suitable platform for packed food
  • Reduce costs and save up to 50% in transport and warehousing space with the nestable design
  • Enhance efficiencies during storage and transport with consistent 4-way entry design ensuring compatibility with all standard equipment
  • Improve product visibility and enhance the shopping experience with the ability to maximise promotional space
Dimensions - in millimetres- in inches
Length Width Height
  600 400 140
Length Width Height
  23.6 15.7 5.5
Window / Pallet entry - in millimetres- in inches
Width Height
600 mm side 240 103
400 mm side 203 103
Width Height
23.6 in side 9.4 4.1
15.7 in side 8 4.1
Nominal Capacity and Weight
Tare weight 2.2  kgs
Tare weight 4.9  lbs
Configuration and Stacking
CHEP recommends a maximum rating of 300 kgs as a safe working load and not to exceed 800 kgs when stacking loaded pallets on a solid, flat surface. Empty pallets can be stored 30 high.
Temperature Range
Minimum / Maximum -20 °C / 40 °C
Minimum / Maximum -4 °F / 104 °F


Materials Polypropylene. The pallet is highly resistant to migration which will minimize any cross contamination with the products being carried.
  • Profiles on the edges for easy application of transport packaging such as strapping foil. The pallet is nestable which saves up to 50% in transport and warehousing
  • Stapling on the pallets is not allowed

The pallet should not come into direct contact with the following substances: Benzene based compounds, Chlorine based compounds, Oleum, Nitric Acid, Bromic Acid, Methyl Bromide (Please consult CHEP for specific advice).

It is the responsibility of all users and hirers to ensure that any other users to whom they pass on the pallet are advised of the contents of this specification sheet.

Performance and Standards This pallet has been tested based on relevant parts of DIN norms 15141 Part 1 & 2; 16901; 53452-53455 & 26603