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  • Display Pallets

    Plastic Display Pallet

    Display Pallets - taking products direct from manufacturer to retailer

    The CHEP Display Pallet (D-Pallet) is a smaller footprint pallet for use in a retail store for merchandising.  It is a robust,standard unit, designed to provide a trouble-free operation across the supply chain.

    The D-Pallet is manufactured to a design and specification that meets the exacting operational requirements of retail supply chains used in the Consumer Goods Industry and Fresh Food Industry. All D-Pallets meet DIN 10503 and EHEDG specifications.

    Display Pallets - the benefits for your business

    • Reduce risk of product damage through one-touch movement from producer to retailer
    • Minimise handling costs through standard dimensions and the ability to use conventional materials handling equipment
    • Deliver outstanding display properties with a consistent appearance within retail businesses
    • Protect goods from contamination with pallets that are kept hygienic, durable and resistant to most known chemicals through the CHEP Service Centre maintenance program.
    • Compatible with a range of secondary packaging using uniquely designed Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) features
    • Reduce occupational health and safety risk and speed up handling during reverse logistics with lightweight products

    In Summary

    • No need to use slave pallets reduces additional transport and handling
    • Lightweight plastic - no nails or splinters and completely recyclable
    • Made from 100% virgin, non-absorbent Polypropylene resin
    • CHEP simplifies your logistics process so you can focus on your business