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Manufacturing Solutions

  • CHEP Manufacturing Solutions

    CHEP Manufacturing Solutions

    CHEP helps manufacturers to improve efficiencies of packaged goods transportation, reduce product damage and improve efficiency

  • New efficiencies in manufacturing logistics

    CHEP Manufacturing Solutions serve a whole range of manufacturing sub-industries globally, to achieve logistical goals in raw materials, work-in-progress or manufactured products that need to be moved, stored or protected in-transit.

    We understand building profitable manufacturing businesses in most markets globally is a growing challenge with rising competition levels, industry consolidation, globalisation, sustainability issues, and a constant downward pressure on prices. Operating at peak performance facing these challenges requires increased agility and focus on operational efficiency.

    Our experience in working with the largest global manufacturing supply chains, has given us insight into cost and capital requirements incurred by manufacturers as they move, store and protect their products through the supply chain.

    By identifying the capital and operating costs tied up in customer pallet and container activities, we help customers evaluate options to reduce their total cost of packaging.

    Our capabilities in pallet and container management

    • We provide a range of quality pallet and container solutions to help move, store and protect the products through the Source, Make and Deliver stages of their supply chain
    • Large, integrated national service centre networks, supporting large and small distribution networks
    • CHEP is the global leader with over 300 million pallets, containers and crates in our supply chains every day

    Outsourced supply chain management - benefits to your business

    • A long history of experience in serving the manufacturing industry globally
    • We have strong customer relationships and an industry acceptance of CHEP products up and downstream
    • We're a division of Brambles, a global logistics leader with a market cap of over $US10 billion, operations in over 50 countries and customers including Coca-Cola, P&G, Tesco, Sainsbury, and Unilever

    Our people

    We're proactive, engaged, and at your service 24x7, 365 days a year.

    • Experienced staff with an in-depth understanding of manufacturing supply chain logistics and materials handling experience
    • First-class reaction time to problem solving
    • Ongoing cost management focused on reducing total packaging costs of pallets and containers, equipment control and administration assistance