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Unicon - Universal Cubic Container

Universal Cubic Container - Unicon

The CHEP Pallecon Solutions Unicon is a universal container with a multitude of applications.

Engineered features include a hinged folding design, sight glass front panel, a total discharge sump, which lowers the discharge level below the floor of the unit for minimum wastage, an access door on the front of the unit and ISO compatible size for general purpose shipping containers.

The Unicon also allows for standard two inch bag fitments or three inch for high viscosity liquids.

Like all CHEP liquid containers, the Unicon can deliver significant savings in transport, storage and packaging costs compared to drums and other one way liquid packaging types.

A range of accessories and liquid bags are readily available to suit various liquid applications.


Innovative design

  • Sight glass on front panel shows user how much product is in the unit
  • Cubic design allows for efficient storage and transport
  • Front door half-gate allows for easy access
  • Lightweight lid is user friendly and supports Occupational Health and Safety standards
  • ISO compatible size makes unit convenient for domestic or international shipping

Maximum product, minimum waste

  • Tilting base assists decant of high viscosity products, minimizing waste
  • Low discharge outlet and sump minimises residual product and waste
  • 2 or 3 inch bag fitments allow for easier discharge of high viscosity liquids

Environmentally friendly

  • Pooling system reduces waste and benefits the environment
  • Long life asset ensures minimum demand on scarce environmental resources

Food grade

  • HDPP panels and steel base and frame make the unit perfect for use in food grade environments
Dimensions - in millimetres- in inches
Length Width Height
External  1172 1102 1103
Internal 1092 1022 944
Folded 1172 1102 354
Length Width Height
External  46.1 43.4 43.4
Internal 43 40.2 37.2
Folded 46.1 43.4 13.9
Nominal Capacity and Weight
Maximum capacity 1040 ltrs1.04 m3
  1.04 m3
Maximum load weight 1500  kgs
Tare weight 148  kgs
Maximum capacity 229 (UK) glns275 (US) glns36.72 ft3
  36.72 ft3
Maximum load weight 3306.9  lbs
Tare weight 326.3  lbs
Configuration and Stacking
Stacked layers when open 5
Stacked layers when folded 15


Materials HDPP plastic panels, steel base and frame
Recommended Use / Applications Ideal for the transportation of: fats & oils, glucose, liquid sugar, syrups, dairy, malt extracts, mayonnaise, wine, pharmaceutical and other food ingredients
CHEP Code 04113 - Unicon