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Pallecon Eurobox - Semi-bulk metal container

P06030_Eurobox_heroAn ISO compatible, foldable and stackable Intermediate Bulk Container. Metal construction makes it suitable for use in both food grade and non-food grade environments. Horizontal and vertical shelves also available to assist with product protection and fill optimisation

Innovative Design

  • High quality presentation suitable for in-store display
  • Wide fold-down gate allows for easy access into the container
  • Excellent weight to volume ratio provides ease of handling for intermediate bulk loads
  • Optional vertical and horizontal shelves for segregation or protection of fragile products

Robust Construction

  • Provides strength for safe handling of heterogeneous and fragile merchandise during warehousing, transportation and delivery
  • Stackable in transit and storage enables maximised space utilisation

Environmentally Friendly

  • Pooling system reduces waste and benefits the environment
  • Long life asset ensures minimum demand on scarce environmental resources

Food Grade

  • Metal construction makes it suitable for use in food grade or non-food grade environments
Dimensions - in millimetres- in inches
Length Width Height
External  1200 800 900
Internal 1130 770 765
Folded 1200 800 310
Length Width Height
External  47.2 31.5 35.4
Internal 44.5 30.3 30.1
Folded 47.2 31.5 12.2
Nominal Capacity and Weight
Maximum capacity 665 ltrs0.66 m3
  0.66 m3
Maximum load weight 700  kgs
Tare weight 55  kgs
Maximum capacity 146 (UK) glns176 (US) glns23.48 ft3
  23.48 ft3
Maximum load weight 1543.2  lbs
Tare weight 121.3  lbs
Configuration and Stacking
Stacked layers in transit when open 2
Stacked layers in transit when folded 8
Stacked layers for storage when open 3
Stacked layers for storage when folded 16
Temperature Range
Minimum / Maximum -30 °C / 40 °C
Minimum / Maximum -22 °F / 104 °F


Materials Pliable electrozinc wire. Wire gauge of 60 x 100 mm (sides) and 50 x 50 mm (base)
Performance and Standards Strongly built for storage and transportation of fragile goods. Foldable for efficient storage and transportation. Easy handling with fork lift trucks.
Recommended Use / Applications Recommended for all industries, for heterogeneous products except liquids.
Options and Accessories Vertical divider (Code 6031)
Horizontal divider (Code 6032)
Half horizontal divider (Code 6033)