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Pallecon Fruitflow - Packaging in bulk of juice, pulps & purees

Pallecon Fruitflow

The CHEP Pallecon Solutions, Pallecon Fruitflow, is ideal for the packaging in bulk of juice, pulps and purees.

Intermediate bulk containers are quickly becoming the standard for packaging in bulk fruit and tomato-based products. They represent a cost-effective alternative to the traditional drums and allow filling and effective discharge of the product. In addition these containers offer significantly more storage capacity when they are stacked, allowing to you to optimise transportation.

Pallecon Fruitflow is the latest product in the CHEP Pallecon range of reusable containers available for lease, and is accompanied by a new rental fixed price program. For a single package, food processors can now rent their containers for the season and return them up to 12 months later.

Pallecon Fruitflow offers you a complete solution for rental of containers including: total control; pockets and accessories; transport; cleaning and repair.

  • Reduction in packaging costs
    • Compared with most drums disposables
  • Volume flexibility
    • You rent your exact needs for the season
  • Operating savings
    • The containers are delivered cleaned, packaged and ready-to-fill
    • Ease of preparation for filling and discharge
    • Ease of handling and storage of empty containers
    • No need for strapping, wrapping or retractable pallets
    • May be stored outdoors regardless of the climate
  • Optimised storage capacity and transport
    • Up to 25% additional product per pallet
    • Up to 100% additional product when stacked
  • Reduction of potential product loss and contamination
  • Reduction of waste removal casts
  • Ecological winner - many repetitive uses
Dimensions - in millimetres- in inches
Length Width Height
External  1155 1155 1132
Folded 1155 1155 467
Length Width Height
External  45.5 45.5 44.6
Folded 45.5 45.5 18.4
Nominal Capacity and Weight
Maximum capacity 1060 ltrs1.06 m3
  1.06 m3
Tare weight 89  kgs
Maximum capacity 233 (UK) glns280 (US) glns37.43 ft3
  37.43 ft3
Tare weight 196.2  lbs
Configuration and Stacking
Stacked layers 5
Return Ratio 5:1
Temperature Range
Minimum / Maximum -20 °C / 70 °C
Minimum / Maximum -4 °F / 158 °F


Recommended Use / Applications Bulk packaging and transportation of fruit and tomato-based products including juice, pulps or purees.
Options and Accessories A range of widely proven accessories designed especially for the CHEP Pallecon system, and capable of filling and emptying of the container in the most efficient and cost-effective way.
Additional services
  • Aseptic bags for liquids up to 1000 litres with different designs available
  • Delivery of the containers to your premises at the beginning of each season
  • Collection of the containers worldwide when emptied at your customer premises
  • Direct return of containers to your premises or to CHEP for purposes of inspection, cleaning, repair and storage pending delivery for the next season
  • Required repairs following potential misuse (From normal wear and tear repairs are covered in the package price)