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Pallecon Hybox Standard - 1130 Litres

P04320-Hybox_Standard_heroA low cost simple to operate all plastic security container available in standard and Euro pallet sizes. The system consist of a durable sleeve which folds down flat between base and lid.
  • Highly durable yet light weight and suitable for multiple use and efficient in transportation.
  • Easy to assemble – Single operator can erect or fold in less than 30 seconds.
  • Folds down flat and packs 10 into 1 pallet space for efficient storage and transportation when empty.
  • Stacks up to 3 units high when full making it efficient to store.
  • Two alternative pallet sizes – sleeve height can be specified to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Three component parts made from materials easy to replace and repair.
  • Manufactured from fully recyclable materials making the product good for the environment.
  • 4 way pallet entry HDPE Con-Pearl.
Dimensions - in millimetres- in inches
Length Width Height
External  1200 1000 1197
Folded 1200 1000 230
Length Width Height
External  47.2 39.4 47.1
Folded 47.2 39.4 9.1
Nominal Capacity and Weight
Maximum capacity 1130 ltrs1.13 m3
  1.13 m3
Maximum load weight 900  kgs
Tare weight 43  kgs
Maximum capacity 249 (UK) glns299 (US) glns39.9 ft3
  39.9 ft3
Maximum load weight 1984.1  lbs
Tare weight 94.8  lbs
Configuration and Stacking
Stacked layers 3
Return Ratio 10:1
Temperature Range
Minimum / Maximum -25 °C / 60 °C
Minimum / Maximum -13 °F / 140 °F


Materials Pallet: Burgundy HDPE
Sleeve: Grey HDPE
Lid: Burgundy HDPE
Recommended Use / Applications Automotive – Plastic components, spare parts, filters, wheel trims, mouldings, wiring looms, rubber mouldings.
General – Marketing, POS materials, office furniture, photocopiers.
Manufacturing – Lightweight component parts, spares, pipe fittings.
Packaging Materials – Small plastic food bottles, pots and trays, PET pre-forms, aerosol cans, cosmetic bottles, tubs, caps, closures.