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  • Bulk Liquid Shipping Container Accessories

    CHEP supplies a large range liquid container accessories. The availability of some accessories varies country by country. A sample of the liquid container accessories available is listed below.

    Liners for Bulk Liquid Shipping Containers

    CHEP offers a variety of FDA-approved liners that comply with USDA, Kosher and IMS regulations.

    Liquid container form fit liner liquid container pillow top Pallecon_linerbag
    Form Fit Liner requires little operator intervention during fill and provides lower residual than pillow during discharge. The squared bottom eliminates the need for a cassette. Pillow, open top, chimney top liners, aseptic and high-barrier foil liner options are also available. Pillow Top Flexsol™ Liner Bags ensure 100% product protection and integrity, totally eliminating the risk of any residue build up. Flexsol is CHEP's very own liquid liner manufacturing division operation from a food standard, purpose built, state of the art facility in the UK.

    Residual Recovery Systems

    For high viscosity products, air-assist liners, winders or heater pads ensure the lowest possible residual during your decant.

    liquid container  manual winder

    liquid container  heater pad

    heater baseboard

    Manual Winder Heater Pad Heatacon

    Containers can be supplied with an internal heating system to provide gentle and effective heat for a problem free discharge of most viscous and semi-solid products

    Fill Fittings

    1, 2, 3 and 6-inch filling fitment options to meet any potential filling application requirements.

    liquid container  1 inch fill

    liquid container 2 inch fill

    liquid container 3 inch fill

    liquid container 4 inch fill

    1-inch Aseptic Fill 2-inch Universal Fill 3-inch Fill 6-inch Fill

    Dispense Fittings

    Various 2- and 3-inch dispense fitment options including cutter membrane and integrated butterfly valves.

    liquid container crown cutter

    2-inch or 3-inch Crown Cutter
    with Cutter Membrane

    Dispense Valves for Bulk Liquid Shipping Containers

    A wide range of 2 and 3 inch butterfly and ball-valve options.


    liquid container ball valve

    2-inch Integrated
    Butterfly Valve
    2-inch Ball Valve    

    Tamper Evidency for Bulk Liquid Shipping Containers

    A variety of tamper evidency options to ensure your shipment is protected while in transit.

    Options include push caps, crimp caps, shrink-sleeves and handle clips.

    liquid container tamper clips

    liquid container skrink sleves

    Tamper Evident Seals for Lid Handles Shrink Sleeves    

    Fill Bridge

    A universal aluminium fill bridge to fit both 2 and 3 inch fills for your liquid shipping containers.

    liquid container fill bridge




    Corner Filling Arm

    Simplifies filling of bulk liquid containers


    Wrappers & Tilters

    Spring Tilters designed to effect total discharge of most products from bulk liquid containers. Purpose Built or Off the Shelf dry bulk tilters, rotators and corner tilters to achieve discharge and to suit most applications. Stretch & Shrink - a unique pallet wrapping system provides first class product protection, load stability and tamper evidence.

    Fill Fitting Adaptors

    Fill fitting adapters for your liquid shipping containers are available in every size and material to suit your needs.

    liquid container stainless sainitary

    liquid container camlock fitment

    liquid container liner pull

    2-inch Stainless Sanitary 2-inch Camlock Fitment Liner Pull Through Tool

    Please contact us for details of the liquid container accessories available in your country.