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  • Hazardous Goods Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)

    Hazardous Goods Container

    IBCs for secure transport and storage of hazardous materials

    The transportation and storage of semi-bulk dangerous goods through the supply chain can be an intricate and complex process and presents many packaging challenges.

    Dangerous goods must be kept segregated from all other products throughout the supply network and housed safely and securely during shipping and storage.

    The CHEP HazBox is a fully enclosed IBC approved by the United Nations for the safe transportation and storage of hazardous products with a capacity of 1040 litres of liquid.

    A range of specially designed standard and barrier liner bags are also available to suit differing product applications from general chemicals to resins, paint and ink.

    HazBoxes - the benefits for your business

    • Guaranteed product safety and stability during storage and transportation with secure locking mechanisms and units tested to industry standards
    • Reduce risk of product intrusion and waste spills with inbuilt crumple zones
    • Increase ease of handling with 4-way entry design
    • Save on transport and storage costs as units are stackable when either collapsed or erected
    • Ability to ship domestically and internationally as HazBoxes are ISO compatible
    • Easily track individual assets with a bar coding system
    • Reduce occupational health and safety risk and improve workforce efficiency with easy assembly and fold down operation

    In Summary

    • Approved by the United Nations for both domestic and international transport
    • ISO shipping container compatible
    • Incorporates design features for efficient filling and discharge
    • Range of specially designed liner bags available
    • CHEP simplifies your logistics process so you can focus on your business