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  • Automotive Crates and Containers

    Auto Shipping Container

    A more efficient and economical solution for the auto industry

    Crates and containers are used by the automotive industry to move manufactured parts directly from the supplier to the assembly lines of automotive equipment manufacturers.

    CHEP provides a complete managed packaging solution that reduces costs at every step of  the automotive supply chain.

    From warehousing, distribution and sequencing, to inventory management and in-plant logistics, CHEP's Modular solution offers a major improvement in automotive supply chain efficiency and performance.

    Automotive crate and container solutions are available for the key automotive regions with options for China, Thailand, Australia, the Amercias, Europe, Middle East and South Africa.

    Recently introduced, the IcoQube range, is designed to improve international shipping capacity and reduce damage to automotive parts during transportation.

    A range of auto pallets and pallet accessories is also available for a complete pooling solution.

    Automotive Totes - the benefits for your business

    • Support a range of packaging requirements with different sized containers that securely inter-stack
    • Reduce in-plant logistics and line-side space costs through design efficiencies for component movement
    • Reduce ex-plant logistics cost - no need to return containers to the original sender, all containers can be sent to a CHEP service centre close to you
    • Assured product protection as all containers are manufactured from injection moulded plastic with ribbed design for strength and durability
    • Reduce occupational health and safety risk and enable easier lifting with ergonomically placed hand grips
    • Improved control over goods, handling costs and inventory with real-time individual crate tracking
    • Achieve leaner material flows through the CHEP automated re-ordering system

    In Summary

    • No capital expenditure or re-conditioning costs
    • Flexible stacking options for lower storage, transport and in-plant handling costs
    • Visibility of your true packaging per part cost
    • Reduced reverse logistics to save costs and provide environmental benefits
    • CHEP simplifies your logistics process so you can focus on your business