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Automotive - Dust Cover for FLCs 121097 and 121060

Automotive - Dust Cover for FLCs 121097 and 121060Protective dust cover for CHEP FLC 121097 and 121060
  • Achieve superior product protection as the cover is manufactured from shatterproof High Density Polyethylene or Polypropylene
  • Ensure components are shielded from external contamination as the dust cover is designed specifically to fit CHEP FLCs
  • Reduce environmental impact and remove waste material from the supply chain with fully recyclable materials
Dimensions - in millimetres- in inches
Length Width Height
  1190 913 40
Length Width Height
  46.9 35.9 1.6
Nominal Capacity and Weight
Tare weight 3.5  kgs
Tare weight 7.7  lbs
Temperature Range
Minimum / Maximum -20 °C / 40 °C
Minimum / Maximum -4 °F / 104 °F


Materials HDPE or Polypropylene, blue All materials are recyclable

Should be kept with the FLC in normal circumstances but may be stored 60 high on a 1200x1000 mm pallet.

The CHEP dust cover is not load bearing.

When fitting the dust cover to the FLC, care should be taken to ensure the lugs locate in the base or sidewall.