The power of pooling

October 13, 2013

Introducing our cost and environmental savings calculator for European supply chains

European supply chains - savings calculator

Our Power of Pooling calculator helps you to quickly identify your current white pallets costs and environmental savings available by using the CHEP pooling solution.

It uses a series of algorithms and country specific data to:

  • Calculate the current annual spend directly related to pallets and identify areas in which savings could be made.
  • Demonstrate the environmental benefits (carbon emissions, wood usage and waste to landfill) of a CHEP solution compared with white wood pallets, based on an ISO certified Life Cycle Analysis model.

Available in 10 European languages, the Power of Pooling calculator is suitable for companies operating Supply Chain in Europe.

Find out what your savings could be with CHEP and start reducing your cost and environmental impact today.

(Disclaimer: Results provided are indicative of potential savings and should not be treated as definitive.)

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